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How Do I Export the Differences Between Two Versions?
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If you have BibleWorks 9 or a later version and wish to view the differences between two or more versions, you can quickly do so by toggling Difference Highlighting on. Please see Help | How-To Videos  | How to Use Study Tools in BibleWorks | Comparing Versions and Manuscripts | Display Differences Between Versions Using Text Comparison Settings. See HERE for additional information on Difference Highlighting.

To export and view the differences between two versions to the BibleWorks Editor you can use the following procedure. For this example we\'ll use the NAS and NAU versions, two editions of the New American Standard Version.

1. Make sure that you have updated to the latest BibleWorks Executable.
a. Go to Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for updates.
b. Select and apply the BibleWorks Executable.
2. Make the NAS your search version by typing nas into the Command Line and hitting Enter on your keyboard or choosing the NAS from Search | Choose Search Version.

3. Limit your search to the book you wish to compare, for example if you wish to compare two translations for the book of John type, l joh in the Command Line and hit Enter on your keyboard or from the main menu in BibleWorks choose Search | Set Search Limits and the book you wish to limit your search to.

4. Conduct a search for every word in the NAS. Enter this on the command line: “.*” (don’t enter the quotes), then hit
Enter on your keyboard.
5. From the Browse Window Options button select “Clear Hit Highlighting” and “Toggle Difference Highlighting” on.
6. Click the Copy button below the Command Line, then select Copy verse list + text” and then click “Configure Vs List Copy Favorites”.
7. Configure the BW Options Window as in the picture below.Select the option in the upper right that you want to use for the location to send your copied verses – for this example we will use “Copy to New BW Editor”.

8. Click the OK button (if you just close the window the settings will not be saved).
9. Click the Copy button below the Command Line and select “Copy Verse List + Text” and “Copy to New BW Editor”. Click Yes to the dialog box asking if you wish to transfer the verses.

10. The exported text will be displayed in a floating Editor window when you use Copy to New BW Editor.

We recommend that this procedure not be used to export two whole versions for comparison unless your computer has lots of memory and and you have time for the exported document to be built.

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