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How Do I Export a Custom List of Vocabulary from the Vocabulary Flashcard Module to a Word Processing Document?
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The Vocabulary Flashcard Module offers an option to Print a Review List under the File menu. You may wish to have such a review list in a customizable format. Use the following technique to copy the a review list to a word processing document to use for review or class assignments.

1. Open the Vocabulary Flashcard Tool by selecting on the main BibleWorks menu Tools | Language tools | Vocabulary Flashcard Module.

2. On the Vocabulary Flashcard Module menu select Tools | Filter.

3. Use the filter options to filter by Chapter or Frequency Range, Part of Speech and/or words in a particular verse range. Click Apply, then Cancel to close the Vocabulary Review Filters window.

4. Export the list to a file using File | Export. Give the file a name and save it. Click Yes in save the file with filters applied. Note the folder location where you saved the file. It will be saved as a .vrt file.

5. Navigate to the folder and find the file you just saved. Right click on it and change the file extension from .vrt to .xls, then open the file with Microsoft Excel. Answer "yes" to questions about whether you want to open the file in Excel format, and choose formatting defaults.  Then, in order to keep just the Hebrew or Greek words do the following:

a. Highlight and delete first four lines with header information.
b. Highlight and delete columns C-F.
c. Highlight and delete the last column
d. Highlight columns A and B and change font to bwhebb if you a Hebrew vocabulary file to begin with or bwgrkl if you used a Greek vocabulary file to begin with. You may only wish to use Column A or B for your project; delete the unwanted column if desired. For Greek Column B includes articles, etc.
e. Adjust font size to desired size.
f. Highlight column C. Then right click on it, then choose Format Cells | Alignment | Wrap text, then OK to make sure the definitions will fit on the page, and adjust columns.

6. Highlight all your columns and execute a copy command.

7. Paste into a word processing document such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.

Last Updated: MC/December 12, 2012