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Will BibleWorks Install to a Flash Drive?
Author: E M Reference Number: AA-02921 Views: 8568 Created: 2012-12-27 15:59 Last Updated: 2015-06-10 15:10 0 Rating/ Voters

The question has occasionally been presented whether the BibleWorks program can be installed to a flash drive.  To an extent this is indeed a possibility, though there are some limitations to keep in mind.

1. Sufficient Space - Be certain that the flash drive has sufficient free space for the version of BibleWorks to be installed.  BibleWorks 9 requires 15 GB for a full installation.

2. Drive Letter - When the drive is connected to the computer, Windows assigns a drive letter.  If the drive has been disconnected, and again reconnected, make certain that it takes the same drive letter, or BibleWorks will not run.

3. Single Computer - When installed to a flash drive connected to a computer, that installation will be good only for use on that specific computer.

Though the drive is portable, the installation of BibleWorks on that drive is not.  The program must actually be installed to the computer on which it will be run.  Thus it is not possible to install BibleWorks to a flash drive on one computer, then move the drive to another computer and run the program there. 

Last Updated: ELM/12-27-2012