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How Can I Install BibleWorks to My Mac If It Does Not Have a DVD Drive?
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BibleWorks 10 is available on a USB flash drive. No DVD drive is required.

For BibleWorks 9, If one's Mac computer has no DVD drive, making direct installation of the BibleWorks 9 DVDs impossible, there are other options for proceeding with BibleWorks installation.

A.  One option is to mount an external USB DVD drive, usually available for about $50.  If one wishes to install other DVD-resident products, this is a simple way to proceed.

B.  A third option is to copy the BibleWorks DVD files from a DVD-drive-equipped computer connected to the Mac over a LAN (Local Area Network) into a single folder on the Mac.  The copy will be time-consuming because of the amount of data (about 12 GB) to be copied.  An alternative is to copy the BibleWorks DVD files to a flash drive.  You can allow the following files to be overwritten: crc.exe, crcf.exe., check.exe, crc.def.

1. -- if one is installing using the BibleWorks 9 Mac Installer, click here for instructions.

2. -- If one is installing to a virtual machine, such as Parallels, VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox, copy the folder INTO the virtual machine‚Äôs Windows file system. You will need to consult the instructions for your virtual machine, but usually you can simply open the Windows desktop and drag the folder into the Windows desktop.  Now you can run the BibleWorks installation using the files you copied from your DVDs.

       a. Open the folder with the DVD file and run the setup.exe file.

       b. The BibleWorks installation program will now begin. Follow all onscreen instructions to install BibleWorks.


C. After BibleWorks is installed we highly recommend that you immediately apply the current BibleWorks Executable update from the BibleWorks menu by selecting Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for updates

Last updated: MT/July 15, 2015