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How Can I Run BibleWorks From My iOS or Android Device?
Author: E M Reference Number: AA-02936 Views: 26956 Created: 2013-03-08 14:39 Last Updated: 2016-04-18 14:00 0 Rating/ Voters

BibleWorks has frequently been asked to develop a version of the program for mobile devices like the iPad.  That question we have addressed elsewhere, but we write here to point out that there are ways to make use of the BibleWorks program while using such a device.

Access can be achieved by means of installing on the device remote control software such as LogMeIn, among others.  In addition, one must have a computer on which BibleWorks is installed and running, as well as access to the Internet for both the mobile device itself and the computer on which BibleWorks is running.  The Internet connection is realized by means of a WiFi connection, or by a subscription data service, usually with a wireless carrier.  The computer on which BibleWorks is installed must be left running.  Then, when one wishes to access that computer, the connection to the Internet is established from the mobile device, and the remote control program is opened.  At that point, BibleWorks can be opened and run.  Those who have used this option have been delightfully surprised by the functionality of the program and the ability to share data.

Specifically, in addition to success with LogMeIn, customers have also reported good results with a new program called "Parallels Access."

Last Updated: RG/June 30, 2014