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How Can I Download My WORDsearch Modules to BibleWorks Under the BibleWorks Mac Installer?
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The BibleWorks program includes a large number of resources for use in study of the Bible text.  There are also a number of resources that can be added to the program from various places.  BibleWorks offers a number of optional, add-on modules.  WORDsearch Bible has also graciously developed a number of their resources for use in BibleWorks.  These are added to a running copy of BibleWorks by means of a utility called the "WORDsearch Book Installer for BibleWorks".  One downloads and runs the utility, supplying information that WORDsearch has provided to enable the download.

As is the case with BibleWorks itself, the "WORDsearch Book Installer for BibleWorks" is a Windows application.  It will not run under the Mac OS X environment.  For those that run BibleWorks under the BibleWorks Mac Installer, the following steps can be taken in order to add resources that have been purchased from WORDsearch.  (Note that these steps will not apply when BibleWorks is running in a virtual environment, such as in Parallels or Virtual Box.)

 1. On the Mac computer, download the WORDsearch Book Installer.

a. Open an Internet browser (e.g. Safari) to
b. On the BibleWorks site, click "Ordering" on the gray menu bar, then "Modules" from the menu.
c. On the "Modules" page, scroll down the page, past some listed WORDsearch modules to a small paragraph immediately below the listings.
d. Click the link to access
e. On the WORDsearch page now displaying, find and click the link for the Book Installer.
(The file should download to the Downloads folder, which you will access below.)

2. Contact WORDsearch to obtain unlock information for the download.

3. Open BibleWorks under the BibleWorks 9/10 Mac Installer.

4. Start the WORDsearch Book Installer for BibleWorks.

a. On the BibleWorks Apple menu (top of screen) click "File".
b. On the File menu that displays click "Run Command".

c. In the Run Command window that displays, find and click the "Browse" button.
d. In the file management window that displays, find and choose "Downloads".

e. In the list of files now visible, find and highlight the "WSBookInstallerBibleWorks" file.
f. Click the button labeled "Open"  (The file management window disappears.)
g. In the "Run Command" window click the button labeled "Run".

5. Run the WORDsearch Books Installer using the following steps.

a. Enter the information obtained from WORDsearch Bible in the fields provided.

b. Click the button labeled "Begin Download".
c. In the next window, "Select Books to Download", all items will be checked.  (If you have already previously downloaded one or more books to THIS installation, then uncheck them.)

d. Click the button labeled "Next" when ready.
e. When "Downloads Complete" appears, click the button labeled "Close".
f. Close the "Run Command" window.
g. Close and restart BibleWorks.

Last Updated: RG/September 5, 2013