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How Can I Download BibleWorks 10 (Mac instructions)?
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We've developed a download installation option for users with fast internet connections (3Mbps or higher). This involves downloading a large (22 GB) file.  Note that step 2 below requires a BibleWorks 10 ("BW10") activation code.  Therefore this procedure can be carried out only after one has such a code in hand. 

Here are the steps:

1. If you do not have a fast and stable internet connection, you must install a download manager on your computer. There are many free and highly-rated download manager available for PCs and Macs.

2. Go to the download page link. The download link is given in your email receipt containing the BW10 activation code (look below the BW10 activation code).

3. Follow the instructions (entering in your BW10 activation code) to download the image. This is a large file (22 GB) and will take several hours.

4. Once the file is completely downloaded, please double-click the ISO file that you downloaded. It will mount the image file and appear as a DVD drive with the BW10 installation files loaded into the mounted DVD drive. See the screenshots below.

We strongly recommend you back up your installer (ISO) file to some form of removable media. Without a backup of the installer file, because the original download can be repeated only in the 48 hours from its first use you will be unable to re-download to re-install BibleWorks, and you will need to order a replacement download or replacement media here.

6. Now you are ready to follow the Mac instructions here. You will not need to insert a DVD.

7. After you install BibleWorks, please download and read the Quick-Start Guide here for instructions on the basic use of BibleWorks.

Last updated: MT/MC/December 30, 2015