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Why Won't The BW Options Window Open?
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The BW Options Window, called simply "Options" in earlier versions of BibleWorks, is a place where a number of program settings can be adjusted and stored.  It is accessed by choosing "Options" from the drop-down "Tools" menu, or clicking the icon for it on the BibleWorks button bar.  When the command is invoked in either way, but the window does not appear to open, it is often a matter of the window location.  This is to say that the window actually IS open, but is off-screen.  This can be a result of having moved the BW Options Window to a location on another screen, as would be possible with a dual monitor arrangement, or if using a projector. 

There are four ways that this condition can be corrected so that the BW Options Window opens on the screen with the program itself.  In summary, these options are as follows:

  1. Use of a secondary display device - Reconnect to a display device so as to see and move the window back to the same screen where BibleWorks is running.
  2. Reset the BibleWorks initialization file so as to restore default settings.
  3. Manually edit the BibleWorks initialization file.
  4. Use Windows keystrokes to move the BW Options Window back into view.


This may be the easiest measure to take if a secondary display device is available.

  1. Connect the secondary display device to the computer, whether it be a monitor or projector. 
  2. Start Windows, then make sure that the second device is recognized and functioning. 
  3. Start BibleWorks. 
  4. Invoke the command to open the BW Options Window. 
  5. When the window opens, grab its title bar with the mouse and drag it to the monitor where BibleWorks is running, then release it. 
  6. Close and reopen BibleWorks. 
  7. Open the BW Options Window again to confirm that the change was saved.


  1. Access the "BibleWorks Trouble-shooting Options Menu."  (Consult for instructions on how to do so, if needed.)
  2. When the window opens, find and select (check) the box to delete the BW*00.INI file.  (The middle character will be the version of your copy of BibleWorks, e.g. BW900.INI.)

  3. Click the button labeled "Perform the selected options and run BibleWorks".
  4. When BibleWorks has started, invoke the command to open the BW Options Window.
    (Be advised that by taking this measure, the program will begin again with the original default settings as it did after it was installed.)


  1.  Access the BibleWorks Trouble-shooting Options Menu".  (Consult for instructions on how to do so, if needed.)
  2. Under Option 3 click the button to edit the INI file for your version.  (e.g. Edit BW900.INI)  The text that makes up the file will open in a WordPad document file.
    (This command is available for BibleWorks versions 5 to 9, though the entry is under Option 2 in BibleWorks 5.)

  3. Click the icon to use the "Find" function.

  4. In the window that opens, enter "SetupDlgLoc=" into the "Find what" field, then click the button labeled "Find Next".

  5. The line found by the command will contain two series of numbers (indicating screen coordinates).  Replace both series with "-99999"  The finished line should look like this: SetupDlgLoc= -99999 -99999
  6. Save the file you have just edited, then close the window.
  7. Open BibleWorks.
  8. Open the BW Options Window.


This option may prove to be a bit tricky, as it will take a bit of guesswork and manipulation to bring the window back into view.

  1. Open BibleWorks.
  2. Perform the command to open the BW Options Window.
  3. On your computer keyboard hold down the ALT and SPACEBAR keys, then tap the M key, and release all three.
  4. Now using the directional keys, hold the right or left arrow key for a few moments.  If the window does not soon come into view, press and hold the opposite directional arrow until the window comes into view.
  5. When the window does come into view, hit the ENTER key to release the move command.
  6. Now, using your mouse, click and hold the title bar of the window and position the window on the screen where you want it.
  7. Close and reopen BibleWorks.
  8. Open the BW Options Window to confirm that the change was saved.

Last Edited: ELM/April 5, 2013