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Can I Modify or Repair An Existing BibleWorks Installation Using Later-Revision Media?
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A.  Modifying or Repairing a BibleWorks 10 Revision 1 Installation Using Revision 2 or Later Media

One cannot modify or repair a BibleWorks 10 Revision 1 installation using Revision 2 or later media.  Instead, one should uninstall the Revision 1 installation (using the instructions here), insert the Revision 2 or later media, and select "install/reconfigure."  A reinstallation will take place, but settings from the prior installation will be maintained.

B.  Modifying or Repairing  a BibleWorks 9 Revision 1 through 3 Installation Using BibleWorks Revision 4 Media

To add Revision 4 resources, such as the 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, the 1984 Luther Bibel or the 5th Edition of the Latin Vulgate from the German Bible Society, it will not be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the program, but the following steps are required:.

1. Save all open documents in all currently running programs, as these steps will require a system restart.  Close BibleWorks if it is running.
2. Insert Disk 1 of the BibleWorks 9 Rev 4 set.

If you are using the BibleWorks 9 Mac Installer use the following instructions in place of steps 3-6 below: run BibleWorks, and from the Apple menu (top menu), click "BibleWorks" and then select "Add or Remove BibleWorks Content."  Next insert the installation CD or DVD (if the set has more than one, use the one numbered "1"), and follow the on-screen instructions, selecting "Install/Reconfigure" and then "Modify" (on the screen allowing selection among "Modify," "Repair," or "Remove").  Now click the red X to close the BibleWorks window.  Following the remaining steps, numbers 7-11 below. 

3. If an "AutoPlay" window opens, choose the option that will run Setup from the disk.
4. On the initial BibleWorks splash screen, click "Install/Reconfigure".
5. If a User Account Control window opens (Windows Vista and later) choose "Yes" or "Allow" as prompted.
6. On the initial window of the BibleWorks 9.0 Maintenance Instructions, click "Next" to proceed.
7. On the Welcome window, "Modify" should be selected by default.  Leave that selection in place and click "Next".
8. On the "Modify Installation Options" window, leave the selection set to "No" and click "Next".
9. On the "Base Installation Components" window, selections will be made to add or remove version.  To add any or all of the three new databases, make selections as follows.



a. Find and expand the list for "German Versions", then find "LUT Luther Bibel (1984)" and select it.
b. Find and expand the list for "Greek Versions", then find and select "NA28...
c. Find and expand the list for "Latin Versions", then find and select "VUL..."
d. Find and select or delete other databases, as desired.  (Some cannot be omitted, as they are integral to the operation of the program.)

10. When finished with these selections, click "Next" which will launch the installation process to make the changes.
11. When the installation is complete, restart the computer as prompted.

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