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May I Donate to Provide Copies of BibleWorks to Those Unable to Afford It?
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We sincerely appreciate both the enthusiasm our customers express for BibleWorks and the desire some have to provide BibleWorks to those, such as national workers in developing nations, who are unable to afford a BibleWorks license.

BibleWorks did not wish to receive, for BibleWorks licenses, any tithes and offerings that would or could otherwise be given for the furtherance of the gospel.  If a giver were contemplating a gift of a BibleWorks license, we asked that such a gift be completely above and beyond his/her giving to the church and to evangelistic or diaconal work.

It was our belief, furthermore, that gifts are most efficiently given directly rather than through an intermediary.  In this way the giver becomes a personal part of the gift, at once involving him/herself in it, encouraging the recipient more personally, and being assured the gift has gone to a worthy recipient.  If a giver wishes to give but is unaware of potential recipients, we asked that such a giver commit that matter to prayer, asking the Lord to make the giver aware of who might best receive such a gift.  Missionaries to developing nations can almost always identify nationals who would benefit from a gift of a BibleWorks license.

Those wishing to give a particular person a BibleWorks license may do so by obtaining a license on the open market (please see this FAQ for more information).

Last updated: RG/June 16, 2018