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How Do I Install the Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic Fonts BibleWorks Uses for Export in macOS?
Author: M C Reference Number: AA-02966 Views: 27817 Created: 2014-04-02 12:30 Last Updated: 2017-07-07 16:36 0 Rating/ Voters

BibleWorks 9 & 10 export Greek and Hebrew text in Unicode fonts (SBL Greek and SBL Hebrew) under its default settings. BibleWorks can also be set to export in the non-Unicode fonts that the program uses to display Greek and Hebrew text (Bwgrkl and Bwhebb).

Installing BibleWorks on the Mac does not automatically install these fonts in the Mac operating system. BibleWorks is able to use them in the program, but if you wish your exported text to appear these fonts follow the steps below.

1. Open BibleWorks and click on the BibleWorks menu at the top of the screen. Choose Open Program Folder.

2. Double click the BibleWorks 10 folder (or BibleWorks 9 if you have version 9 installed).

3. Double click the bwgrkl.ttf font.

4. Click the button to Install Font.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for at least the bwhebb.ttf, SBL_grk.ttf, SBL_Hbrw.ttf fonts in that folder. Other .ttf fonts in the BibleWorks 10 folder may be installed in this fashion. For example, if you will be exporting Russian text, install the bwcyrl.ttf as well.

When the fonts are installed to your Mac OS, the Greek and Hebrew text you export from BibleWorks to another program in macOS should display in the font you are set to use in your Tools | Options | General | Fonts | Export Fonts setting.

Last updated: MC/June 30, 2017