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How Can I Restore a Checkpoint When BibleWorks Won't Open?
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BibleWorks has included, since version 7, the capability to create checkpoints, when the program is running correctly, and then restore from one of those checkpoints when problems have been encountered.  There are occasions when some combination of settings and/or conditions render the program so that it does not function as it should.  At such a time, restoring from a previous checkpoint will serve to return the program to operation.  The option to restore from a previous checkpoint is available from the drop-down File menu on the menu bar.  What does one do, however, when the program will not start?  In such a case, it will be necessary to access the BibleWorks Checkpoints window by other means.

The first step will be to access the BibleWorks Trouble-Shooting Options menu.  How that is accomplished depends on the version of BibleWorks and the version of Windows in use.  Click here to access the article "How Do I Access the BibleWorks Trouble-Shooting Options Menu?"  When the menu has opened, it should appear similar to that shown below.  (That shown below is for BibleWorks 9, but the button circled will be present in BibleWorks 10, 8 and 7 as well.)

Find and click the button labeled "Restore Previous Version..." which is circled in the illustration above.  When that has been done, the window shown below should appear.

When the window appears, take the following steps:

1. Find a good checkpoint in the list.  The date for the checkpoint should pre-date the occurrence of the problem, but don't go back too far.
2. Make sure that all three boxes in "What to restore" remain checked.
3. Move the mouse pointer over the button labeled "Restore the selected checkpoint" and click.

These steps should serve to restore BibleWorks so that it will start again, as before.  Occasionally, however, it may be necessary to repeat the steps, using an earlier checkpoint than that which had been used before.

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