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How Can I Download a Download Manager and Use it to Download the BibleWorks .iso for Installation on a Mac?
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1. Go to this page:, find iGetter on the page and click to Download it.
2. It will download a file to your Downloads folder. Open Finder and find the iGetter file, it is a .dmg file.
3. Copy that file to your Applications folder.
4. Go to your Applications folder and double click iGetter folder to run the iGetter download manager.
5. Click on New in the iGetter app.
6. Visit the download link you received by email and enter your activation code.

7. On that webpage, get the URL address for where to download the file from our website. See the screenshot below of the page as a guide where to find that address. It will appear in the webpage indicated in step 6 where the red arrow points, below
"If you are using a download manager".

8. Highlight and copy that URL and in iGetter, insert the URL into the line marked for that. Click the button at the bottom right in that little window.
9.. Click the Start button in iGetter.

10. When you have the file downloaded, then see the instructions here beginning at #3 for installation instructions:


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