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What Options Exist to Adjust Display Scaling in BibleWorks?
Author: R G Reference Number: AA-02990 Views: 13441 Created: 2015-06-15 14:36 Last Updated: 2016-07-28 15:05 0 Rating/ Voters

A new set of scaling options has been incorporated in BibleWorks 10, largely for compatibility with high-dpi and Retina monitors. These options are available under View | Scaling for those who have updated the BibleWorks Executable to version and greater under Help | Check for Updates.

Instructions on how to use these options may be accessed in one of two ways:
-- From the BibleWorks main menu, choose View | Scaling, hover the mouse over the then-displayed BibleWorks Scaling window, and hit F1.  Or
-- From the BibleWorks main menu, choose Help | BibleWorks Help Contents, search on "scaling," click the List Topics button, and choose the Setup Options chapter (65) in the Help.

If you are having difficulty with the display of BibleWorks in Windows 10 we recommend that you click the Set Default button in the BibleWorks Scaling window.

We recommend that you make the Scaling factor % the same as the desktop scaling factor in Windows (the percentage found under Display Settings in Windows) or maybe just a little larger percentage to your liking. The reason they should be at least equal is that BibleWorks cannot change the size of the title bar and things like scroll bars in the program. Those are fixed by Windows. Therefore, seamless scaling is best accomplished by matching the desktop and BibleWorks scale factors, and just increasing the BibleWorks scale factor a little above that for readability if it is needed.

Last updated: MC/July 28, 2016