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"Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now" during BibleWorks 10 installation from flash drive in Windows XP or Vista
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If you are attempting to install BibleWorks 10 with the USB flash drive and experience an error indicating that the disk is not formatted, this error may be experienced when installing BibleWorks 10 to a computer with the Windows XP operating system or Windows Vista if you have not yet applied Service Pack 1 or 2.

Windows XP and Vista are not compatible with flash drives that have large size capacities that have developed in recent years and that is the cause of the error. The updates noted below will equip Windows XP or Vista to be able to read the BibleWorks 10 flash drive and install the program.

1. For Windows XP you will need to apply the exFAT update for Windows XP. Please go to the following location in the Microsoft support website and follow the instructions to apply the update that comports with your version of Windows XP:

That should equip Windows XP for the installation. However, we cannot guarantee that the program will work properly on Windows XP over the long term as the system requirements for BibleWorks 10 do not include Windows XP. In fact, changes to the program to adjust it to later versions of Windows may mean that BibleWorks 10 cannot be installed to Windows XP in the future. To date, we are not aware of other issues associated with running BibleWorks 10 on Windows XP, but for the best performance of Bibleworks we recommend that the program is installed on a computer that meets the system requirements. Please click here for our system requirements. Bibleworks is only supported on computers that meet the system requirements listed there.

2. For Windows Vista update to Service Pack 1 or 2 using the instructions found here.

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