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How Do I Install BibleWorks 7, 8, 9, and 10 from Media on a Windows Computer?
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To install BibleWorks 10 from media (USB drive) under Windows, please follow these steps:

1. Remove previous version(s) of BibleWorks.

If you have any earlier version of BibleWorks, please uninstall it before installing BibleWorks. You can uninstall BibleWorks in the Windows Control Panel. Restart the computer when the uninstall is complete. When you uninstall an earlier version of BibleWorks, the original BibleWorks folder will remain. Any note files, user-created databases or other user-created files will remain in this folder so you can later transfer them to BibleWorks.

2. Install the program.

To start installation of BibleWorks, please do the following:

Ensure you are installing using a user account with Administrative permissions.

Plug in the USB flash drive (or, if you have CDs or DVDs, insert CD or DVD #1 into the drive).

Press the Windows logo key + e on your keyboard (Win + E). This opens a File Explorer window. 

Under the icon This PC (Windows 8 & 10) or Computer (Windows 7), browse to the drive named BW10DISK1 (or BW10DVD1) and click on it to see the contents.

Double-click the Setup (or setup.exe) application:

 A User Account Control dialog box may open requesting permission to continue. Click Continue to begin the installation.

Once the installation has begun, follow the instructions in each of the BibleWorks – InstallShield Wizard windows that appear. You will be prompted periodically to change disks. If you choose to do a CUSTOM installation, some disks may be skipped if their elements were not selected for installation.

During the installation, you will be asked to enter the BibleWorks Activation Code appearing on the cover of this guide (or sent to you via email) and the Activation Codes for any additional modules that you have purchased (that have come by email). Module Activation Codes are entered after you first enter the BibleWorks Activation Code and then click the Copy to List button for each code. Please note that entering the Activation Codes in this step does not activate BibleWorks or its modules. Activation is accomplished in step 3 below.

Optional add-on modules can be installed either now with the main program, or later (by re-running this step). These add-on modules require activation codes which must be purchased separately.

When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart the computer.

For network installations and other installations, please visit . Alternatively, within BibleWorks you can click on Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Get support.

3. Start and activate the program.

Start BibleWorks by double-clicking on the BibleWorks desktop icon. Note that BibleWorks must be activated within 14 days of installation or the program will cease to function. The activation screen will appear automatically the first time you run BibleWorks. To activate follow the onscreen instructions. If the program does not activate by Internet, please click the Run in Trial Mode button, follow step 4 below, and then click the  Activate by Internet button again.

After installation and activation are complete, you can begin using the program. BibleWorks normally opens with a Register BibleWorks window. The Register BibleWorks window is a reminder of the benefits of registering your product.

Tutorial videos are available online through the Help menu in BibleWorks.Those new to BibleWorks will benefit greatly from these videos.

4. Run the BibleWorks Updater.

We strongly suggest that you apply any available BibleWorks updates before proceeding. Updates and additional resources may have become available since your BibleWorks installation media was manufactured.

Updates can be selected and downloaded from within BibleWorks. To download any available updates, go to the main menu and select

                Help | Check for Updates

This will open the BibleWorks updater. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your BibleWorks installation. The Recommended Updates should be applied by all users.

5. After you install BibleWorks, please download and read the Quick-Start Guide here for instructions on the basic use of BibleWorks.


Last updated: MT/August 21, 2015