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What Do I Do If BibleWorks 10 Crashes When I Attempt to Open It on a Mac?
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This may also be accompanied by an error: "The program bw1000.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close". The Mac Installer .dmg file on your system may not have been updated for some time and it may cause this.

I. Close all programs and restart your Mac. This clears any possible BibleWorks processes hanging in the background.

II. Replace the Mac Installer file with a newly downloaded one.

          1. Follow the instructions in section C of the Mac Installer Update page to download and install the latest Mac Installer file by clicking HERE.

          2. If the program opens properly, go to Help | Check for Updates, select the BibleWorks Executable update in the updater, and apply it.

          BibleWorks will apply the update and restart. You may be prompted for other updates which you can choose.

III. If the crashing continues, reset the BibleWorks interface settings to default.

This will return the display of BibleWorks to its default settings and you will need to redo any search and display favorites that you have set up previously.

1. Open Finder, go to Applications, hold down Shift (and keep it held down), and start BibleWorks. Keep holding down Shift until you see the window in number 2.

2. If the Trouble-Shooting Options window appears, select the following options and then click “Perform the selected options and run BibleWorks”.

Check to see if BibleWorks will open properly. If it does not proceed to IV.

IV. If the program does not open after you have successfully completed steps I-II, it may be the case that the bw1000.exe file is corrupted.  Follow the steps below to update the bw1000.exe file.

  1. In macOS, open a Finder window.
  2. Open your Applications folder.
  3. Open the BibleWorks app while holding down the Shift key. Though the program may crash, the BibleWorks menu will appear at the top of the screen next to the Apple icon.
  4. Choose Run Command, in the Run Command window click the Browse button.
  5. Open the Program Files folder there and the BibleWorks 10 folder within it.
  6. Find the bwupdate.exe file in the BibleWorks 10 folder, click on it and click the Open button.
  7. In the Run Command window click the Run button.
  8. This will run a utility program that downloads the current BibleWorks executable files.
  9. Follow the instructions in the window that opens. Click the Update button. Information will appear that files are Copying:. When it is complete it will instruct you to click the Cancel button to exit. 
  10. Check to see if BibleWorks will open properly. If it does not proceed to V.
If you find that text and some windows are small with the new updates to BibleWorks, click here for instructions.


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