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How Do I Backup My Download for Future Installations?
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Once you have downloaded the BibleWorks installation files which you will want to protect your investment for years to come. A backup of the installation file/s is important, because you never know if your hard drive might fail or in someway become inaccessible.  Click here to view additional reasons why the downloaded file should be backed up.

Depending on the date and download option you chose when you first downloaded BibleWorks, the following indicates what to look for on your computer to make a backup of the download:

  1. If you downloaded using the easy Downloader, look for a folder named "BibleWorks 10 installation files", back up that full folder and its contents.
  2. If you downloaded the BibleWorks 10 .ISO file after January 24, 2016 you will likely need to back up the file: BibleWorks10rev2.iso, size: 20,981,874,688 bytes.
  3. If you downloaded the BibleWorks 10 .ISO file after June 30, 2015 you will likely need to back up the file: BibleWorks10rev1b.iso, size: 18,939,314,176 bytes.
  4. If you downloaded the BibleWorks 10 .ISO file prior to June 30, 2015 you will likely need to backup the file: BibleWorks10rev1.iso, size: 18,939,248,640 bytes.
  5. If you downloaded the BibleWorks 9 beta download file, look for and find the BibleWorks9rev4.iso, size: 12,726,763,520 bytes

Once you have located the folder or file that you downloaded, back it up by copying it to a large capacity flash drive, portable hard drive or an online backup site that you may already use for other files.

Some flash drives or portable hard drives need to be formatted to receive large files that are part of the installation files. If you get a message that any of the files are too large for the destination file system, click here for instructions on how to format the drive. Formatting the drive will erase any files or folders that are currently on the drive.

Click here for instructions for installing from the downloaded installation file/s. The program can be installed by connecting the backup drive to the computer or copying the backup to the computer and following the installation instructions from that page.

Alternatively, BibleWorks 10 users with a valid BibleWorks 10 activation code may purchase a USB flash drive for installation. Click here to order.

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