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How Can I Proceed if I Installed and Activated the CSBO, NABO, NIVO and TNIV Versions, but They Do Not Display?
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Windows computers can be set to operate in multiple user accounts. A non-Administrator account may have restricted permissions that can affect aspects of how BibleWorks 10 works. Click here for information on how to determine the type of user account you are using.

In situations where you use BibleWorks in a non-Administrator account in Windows, upgraders may find that the legacy English versions CSBO, NABO, NIVO and TNIV versions do not display when you open BibleWorks in a non-Administrator User Account. The following procedure will update the program and allow the non-Administrator account to recognize that these 4 versions have been installed.

Please follow each of these steps:

1. Log out of the non-Administrator account that you use to access BibleWorks.
2. Log into the Administrator account on your computer that was used to install BibleWorks.

In the Administrator account.

3. Apply the latest update to the BibleWorks Executable under Help | Check for updates.
4. BibleWorks must be run and closed for the steps in the non-administrator account to work. Therefore, open BibleWorks and go to View | Choose Display Versions. Expand the English category, and check the English versions CSBO, NABO, NIVO and TNIV so their boxes have a checkmark and click OK. Verify that they can be viewed in the Browse Window. You can either leave them as display versions or remove them as display versions.

5. Close BibleWorks.
6. Log out of the Adminstrator account in Windows. It is important to do so before proceeding.
7. Log into your non-Administrator account.

In the non-Administrator account.

8. Start BibleWorks.
9. Check to see if the CSBO, NABO, NIVO and TNIV now display under View | Choose Display Versions or use the drop down version chooser category for English at the top of the Browse Window.

last updated MC/March 17, 2016