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Why Should the BibleWorks Download Be Backed Up Immediately to Local Storage?
Author: E M Reference Number: AA-03023 Views: 10037 Created: 2016-06-14 10:10 Last Updated: 2016-06-20 10:17 0 Rating/ Voters

Since the BibleWorks installation software has been made available by download, the question has occasionally been asked, "Why do I need to keep the downloaded file after the program has been installed?"  There are at least three reasons why the file should be copied out to an external hard drive. 

1. For one, the file does indeed occupy much space on a hard drive which could be used for other purposes.  Moving the file to an external drive will free up that space.
2. Another reason for copying the file is that, if left on the hard drive of the computer to which it was originally downloaded, then if that hard drive fails or is replaced, then the file will usually be lost.
3. One other reason to make a copy of the downloaded file is to have it available for future uses, which are be several, as listed below.

What, then, are some of the uses that may be made of the downloaded installation file?

1. One use has already been mentioned, which would be reinstallation of the program to the computer when the hard drive on that computer was formatted or replaced.
2. Another use would be to install the program to another computer.  The BibleWorks single user license permits the installation of the program to more than one computer that the licensed user will be using.
3. The installation file contains files for all available resources, even those that are optional, add-on modules.  Those files are only installed when one has purchased the unlock code, which may occur after the original  installation of the program itself.
     (In other words, files for optional add-on modules are NOT downloaded separately over the Internet.  They are installed from the originally downloaded installation file.)
4. The installation file, when launched, will run the BibleWorks Maintenance Program.  This program enables one to modify an existing installation or to remove the installed program.
5. The BibleWorks Maintenance Program also includes a routine called "Repair".  The "Repair" program will scan the installed program to search for damaged or missing files, and will replace them from the original installation files.  The installation software will be needed for this function.

So when the downloaded file has been completed, and it is certain that the file is a good one (a successful install from it will usually confirm that), then it is imperative to make a backup of that file for future usage.  The alternative to making such a backup is (a) to expend another more-than-four-hours for a subsequent download; and (b) to pay BibleWorks a fee for making a subsequent download available.

Last Update: ELM/June 14, 2016