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1 Where Can I Obtain Copies of BibleWorks 10 Media and Other Products? Featured

BibleWorks media and other products are no longer available from BibleWorks, LLC. You may seek these products on the open market at such sites as eBay. Or visit an item called "Sticky: Buy/Sell BibleWorks Licensed Copies" in the "General BibleWorks Discussion"…

2 How Can I Find Out the Status of an Order?

The secure BibleWorks Internet Store, under Your Account and Track Orders, will indicate the date an order submitted through the BibleWorks Internet Store was shipped, providing (on domestic and expedited international orders only) a tracking number if a…

3 How Can I Learn About or Register For a BibleWorks Workshop in My Area?

The workshop schedule posted on the training page of our website is updated as workshops are scheduled: To register for a workshop just click the name of the host institution for the location for which you wish to register.…

4 How Can I Receive BibleWorks E-Mail Updates?

BibleWorks is no longer sending e-mail updates. Last updated: RG/June 16, 2018

5 How Can I Replace Damaged BibleWorks Distribution Media (CDs, DVDs, or USB Flash Drives)?

Replacement media are no longer available from BibleWorks. Media found defective upon original receipt will be replaced by application to while supplies last. Last Update - RG/June 16, 2018

6 How Do I "Take a Screen Shot"?

Please refer to this article for ways to "take a screen shot." Last updated: RG/June 16, 2018

7 What Might Be Preventing Me from Logging On to the User Forums?

The BibleWorks User Forums are available for any that wish to obtain information about the program and to interact with others that also use the program as well. No special sign-on is required to simply access and view the information presented in the forums.…

8 What Technical Support Does BibleWorks Provide?

In-house BibleWorks Customer Support is no longer available. Please visit the BibleWorks home page for options. Last updated: RG/June 16, 2018