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Can I Get a Discount on the Current Version, on an Older Version, or on BibleWorks Modules?
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BibleWorks frequently receives requests for discounts on its products.  Because almost all potential BibleWorks customers are in a profession (pastor, scholar, student, missionary, etc.) that frequently qualifies for discounts, the license prices of the BibleWorks program and of BibleWorks modules are already fully discounted. BibleWorks operates at cost, as a ministry to the church, and makes its prices as low as it possibly can: what a customer pays is what it costs to produce the product. The company's six staff work in modest rented facilities and minimize expenses. Should anything be left over, we put it back into the product. Advances in technology and the generosity of our text licensors enable us now to offer well over fifty times the original 1992 content of BibleWorks at less than 80% (in constant dollars) of the 1992 product's cost. Comparison with similar products will show what an exceptional deal BibleWorks is.

Although BibleWorks itself, therefore, can't give further discounts to individuals, there are avenues by which one can obtain a copy of the BibleWorks program at reduced cost. One is to obtain a used license for a former version of BibleWorks on the open market, perhaps from a site such as eBay. Used licenses for BibleWorks modules frequently appear for sale on the open market as well.  Since we would not want a customer to spend money on what is not a legal license, we are happy to offer the following method to help a prospective buyer verify the license to be purchased. The buyer should instruct the seller to contact BibleWorks to declare the serial number (or activation code) for that license of BibleWorks. Please be sure to copy BibleWorks Customer Support when this instruction request is sent to the seller. Then, when the seller has contacted BibleWorks, we will follow up with the buyer to verify that the license is indeed valid. By this method, we protect the seller from communicating the serial number (or activation code) to any but a legitimate buyer.

(We suggest that customers avoid sellers offering BibleWorks at Internet auction sites for only a very short period, since the short bid period is often engaged to inhibit site anti-piracy action against sellers of counterfeit goods.)

Alternatively, members of a bona fide group, such as students at a seminary, can benefit significantly (a reduction of $100 per license) from the saving available in shipping, handling, and processing costs obtained in a single group purchase of 10 copies or more of the BibleWorks program, using the BibleWorks Institutional Promotion Program (IPP). The IPP applies only to the BibleWorks program and not to add-on modules.  Please check the BibleWorks web site for IPP details.

Another avenue for obtaining a license for the BibleWorks program is to have an editor agree to publish a review of BibleWorks in a theological journal which prospective BibleWorks customers read. We can provide a limited number of review copies for this purpose (details here).

BibleWorks site licensing provides permanent staff at institutions with discounted access to the program, with some restrictions, when more than three copies are needed.  Site license details appear on the BibleWorks web site.

Finally, we suggest that if no other avenue appears open the need be more earnestly committed to the Lord in prayer. As is well known, He will provide His own with the tools they need to do the work He has given.

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