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What Technical Support Does BibleWorks Provide?
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Technical Customer Support for registered BibleWorks customers is available upon request.  BibleWorks Customer Support is available for BibleWorks versions 5 and later if installed according to the instructions BibleWorks has provided.  Support for BibleWorks versions prior to version 5 is limited to assisting the customer in following the installation instructions.

BibleWorks Customer Support is also limited to installations on systems listed on the BibleWorks web site.  Often, helpful information on other installations can be found in the "General BibleWorks Discussion" section of the BibleWorks Forums.

The Forums should also be considered for advice on using third-party software or assistance with products listed on The BibleWorks Blog.  BibleWorks Customer Support doesn't have the resources to maintain familiarity with these ancillary products.

Finally, it is of course possible for customers to modify any complex software program, including BibleWorks, to the point where that program no longer functions as documented.  While one can ask BibleWorks Customer Support if such modifications can be accommodated, it is possible that one may instead be asked by Customer Support to forego the proposed modification and instead use BibleWorks unmodified in that respect.  BibleWorks will support modifications documented in the Help.  Other modifications, though, may not be possible without causing BibleWorks to malfunction, and, we hope understandably, these modifications will not be supported.

Last updated: RG/September 13, 2016