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Can I Access Videos of a BibleWorks 10 Workshop?
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When you click on the blue links below you will be redirected to a portion of a a live BibleWorks workshop that was conducted at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary on January .16, 2016 by Glenn Weaver, Content Developer at BibleWorks. You can use your back button to return to this page and or view a playlist that has all the videos on one page here. On that page you can click to "Play all" at the top to watch the videos in a continuous stream.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_1 -- Introduction to BibleWorks 10
1. How to get help in BibleWorks.
2. How to use the context menu options for the Command Line, Search, Browse and Analysis Windows.

3. Layout of the BibleWorks Interface: Introduction to the Main Toolbar, the Search, Browse and Analysis Windows, the Command Line, main status bar.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_2 -- BibleWorks 10 Interface
1. Window Layout Options button
2. How to hide Search and Analysis Windows, hide the top of Search, Browse and Analysis Windows, view the Browse Window Bible Outline. Hamburger button gives you options for each window. How to split the Analysis Window into two columns.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_3 -- Reading, Defining Words and Simple Searches
1. View menu > Colors accesses Program Colors to customize the look of BibleWorks 10.
2. Ability to scale the program larger through View > Scaling.
3. Reading the Bible text, removing and adding display versions in Browse Window.Context menu.
4. Changing Browse Window verse with the mouse., right click remove from display list
5. How to change search version with the mouse and view the Browse Window in a Single Version Browse Mode.
6. How to change the Browse Window verse with the mouse.
7. Toggle Browse Window display between multiple version and single version browse mode to view the full text of a version.
8. How to use the default Greek and Hebrew lexicons in the Analysis Tab.
9. How to use the Use Tab for quick and simple searches with the mouse in the Browse Window.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_4 -- Resources Summary and X-Refs Tabs
1. Resources Summary Tab for viewing lexicons, grammars and resources related to words or verses in the Browse Window.
2. X-refs Tab for cross-references to other verses in Scripture.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_5 -- Search the Text with the Mouse
1. Simple double click searching, Command Line shows your search term.
2. Right click options for searching.
3. Highlight and right click to search for phrase.
4. Greek and Hebrew searching. Searching on the lemma, the inflected form of a word.
5. Right click Hebrew searching, prefixes and suffixes.
6. Typing hebrew on command line, right click append to command line.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_6 -- Searching with Strong's Numbers
1. How to display Strong's numbers.
2. How to search Strong's numbers.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_7 -- Command Line Basics
1. Right click on Command Line to display Command Line Examples in Help file.
2. Use of Esc key to clear and move cursor to the Command Line.
3. Options to save Command Line searches and load them with right click Command Line options
4. How to display Code Insertion Buttons for inserting control characters, wildcards and brackets on the Command Line.
5. Options for typing verse references to change the Browse Window verse that is displayed.
6. How to check the abbreviations for individual Bible and Deuterocanonical/Apocrypha book names in the Analysis or Version Tabs in the Analysis Window.

Question -- Can I show the entire verse in the search results in the Search Window?
You can show the whole verse in the Search Window Results Verse List. Right click on the verse list and choose the "Listbox Content Options" and "Show entire verse wrapped" to do so.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_8 -- Abbreviations and Displaying Books
1. Explains how the search versions change when you undertake searches. Notes the importance of understanding that there is one Search Version and many possible Display Versions in the Browse Window.
2. Use Help | Help Contents | Frequently used links | Book name abbreviations to check the abbreviated book names BibleWorks uses in the program.
3. Where to find Bible version abbreviations.
4. How to find what versions include what books in them.
5. How to find a particular book, a participant asked, how to view 1 Clement in the Apostolic Fathers.
6. Command line commands to change the versions displayed in the Browse Window. The command, display clear, or d c, to clear all versions except the Search Version.
7. Command line command for adding Display Versions with the letter d followed by the versions you wish to display.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_9 -- Search Version and Command Line Searching
1. Importance of the Search Version.
2. Command Line searches use control characters to signify the types of searches.
3. The AND search uses a period (.).
4. The OR search uses the forward slash (/).
5. The PHRASE search uses the single quote mark (').

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_10 -- Wildcards Increase the Power of Command Line Searching
1. You can use two wildcards to stand in for letters or characters you type on the Command Line.
2. The Asterisk (*) stands for 0 or more characters, the Question Mark (?) stands for one character and requires a character be in that position.
3. You can use wildcards in searches in English, Greek, Hebrew and other languages.
4. You can use Brackets, [ ] , to specify multiple characters in one position in a word or morphological code.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_11 -- Greek and Hebrew Morphology Versions
1. Explains the difference between text versions like the BGT or WTT that are used for reading and morphology versions like the BGM or WTM that are used for searching.
2. Use Help | BibleWorks Help Contents | Frequently Used Links | Morphological Code Tables to familiarize yourself with the morphological codes BibleWorks uses.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_12 -- Searching Greek and Hebrew with the Command Line
1. How to type a greek search on the Command Line.
2. Use of the Command Line Morphology Helper.
3. Remember that morphological codes are part of the word in a morphology version.
4. You can use the wildcards as part of the lemma or the codes, that is before or after the @ when searching a morphology version.
5. Note the cursor position when typing a Hebrew word, then the @ sign. It must be entered to the right of the lemma.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_13 -- The BibleWorks Keyboard
1. How to view the BibleWorks Keyboard for Hebrew or Greek in the Help file and under Tools | Interface Settings.
2. How to view the Hebrew and Greek BibleWorks Keyboard on Mac.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_14 -- Using Search Limits
1. Type limits or just a lower case L on the Command Line followed by the book or verse range you wish to limit your search to and hit <Enter>.
2. You can type ranges of books, l gen-deu, 2 or more non-consecutive books, l luk; acts, ranges or sections of books, l gen 1:1-2:3;joh 1:1-18.
3. Open the Search Limits options window from the Command Line versions button or Search | Set Search Limits. You can pick from your choices there, choose from our make custom search ranges and then type l plus the name of the custom range on the Command Line to set the program for that search limit range.
4. You can make custom search limits for special studies you are doing. Remember to keep the name short and have no spaces in the name.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_15 -- Search Window Tabs
1. Search Window Tabs give you additional workspaces in BibleWorks to pursue the study of different parts of the Bible and extra-biblical literature.
2. How to add, subtract, name, save and load Search Window Tabs.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_16 -- How to Go Back to a Prior Verse
The Verse History List Button above the Command Line lets you retrace your steps to prior verses that you have viewed.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_17 -- The Parallel Versions Window
1. Setting up a Parallel Versions favorite that you can come back to.
2. Or a quick way to open a Parallel Versions Window by using the command p followed by the versions you wish to display "p esv bgt wtt", as a Command Line command.
3. Loading a Parallel Versions Window with one version for a clean way to read through the text.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 1_18 -- Copying and Pasting Text
1. The Editor Tab gives you an RTF text editor where you can save documents in .rtf format and open them in Word.
2. Copy options in the Copy button under the Command Line.
3. Settings for formatting what you choose to copy and paste.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_1 -- Keyboard Shortcuts
See Help | BibleWorks Help Contents | Frequently Used Links | Shortcuts for a list of Browse Window, Command Line and Function key shortcuts.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_2 -- Browse Window Right Click Context Menu
1. Specific to where you right click in the Browse Window. You will find different context menu options for the version abbreviation, Bible versions, Greek and Hebrew texts.
2. Look up in BibleWorks Maps.
3. Search on word in KWIC, Keyword in Context module. Settings in KWIC. Example of seven in book of Revelation.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_3 -- Browse Window Options
1. Survey of some options available in the Browse Window Options button above the Browse Window.
2. Difference Highlighting toggle to compare the differences in texts.
3. Toggle Morphology Colors to view forms of speech in Greek and Hebrew texts.
4. Toggle Word Tips for Greek and Hebrew words and how to keep them open and move them to another part of the screen when you use them.
5. How to view where the current verse in the Browse Window is highlighted in a Lexicon Browser entry for a word.
6. Right click to Lookup Lemma in Lexicon Browser or Send Verse to Lexicon Browser.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_4 -- NT Greek Diagrams, Greek/Hebrew Audio Players from the Browse Window
You can use Right Click Context menus from the Greek and Hebrew text in the Browse Window to open New Testament Greek diagrams or Greek and Hebrew Audio players at the verse you are viewing.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_5 -- Use of Color Selection Window
Use of the Color Selection Window to apply colors to selected text in the Browse Window or apply colors to search results after a search.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_6 -- Browse Window Adjustments
1. How to change Version Display Order.
2. How to turn off blue text of Search Version in Browse Window.
3. How to configure a Display Favorite of favorite versions to view in the Browse Window and open it from the Command Line with a shortcut.
4. How to save Version Display Order files and open them from the Command Line.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_7 -- Analysis Window Adjustments
1. Hyperlinks in Analysis Tab lexicons. How to keep them open and put them on a particular place onscreen or change the translation they display with View | Choose popup display versions.
2. Context menu option for Analysis Tab to Update only when shift key depressed

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_8 -- Configuring the Two Column Analysis Window
How to turn on the two column Analysis Window, drag and drop tabs from one column to another and view Analysis Window Tab Options to configure the two columns in the manner you wish to display them.

BibleWorks Workshop Part 2_9 -- User Lex, Notes and Editor Tabs
1. The UserLex tab allows you to take notes on English, Greek and Hebrew words so that you can display those notes when you mouse over the word in the program and in effect have your own lexicon within the program.
2. How to use the Editor & Notes tabs.
3. Options for using the Report Generator for exporting your notes and exporting the parsing information and lexicon entries for Greek and Hebrew verses.
4. How to change the notes folder to create multiple sets of notes. Remember that by default, BibleWorks saves notes in the BibleWorks 10\notes folder.
5. How to search within your notes or develop tags to find information in the notes that you keep.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_10 -- Streamlining the Resources Summary Tab
1. How to disable or enable items that can be displayed in the Resources Summary Tab or move items up or down within the Lexicons, Grammars and Resources categories.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_11 -- X-Refs Tab
How to use the X-Refs Tab to view cross references for Bible verses, topical Bible entries and related verses throughout the Greek New Testament and Septuagint with the RVT cross references.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2-12 -- Using the Words Tab & Context Tab
1. You can use the Full wordlist for a version to search for words in that version.
2. You can use the Wordlist for current search results to see what words appear in the same verses as the word you searched for to find words commonly used with the word you searched for.
3. If you change your search results to a Greek or Hebrew morphology version you can right click in the tab and choose Context/Word Tab Options and choose to view only nouns, verbs and adjectives in the Greek or Hebrew of the found verses.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Part 2_13 -- Version Tab and Verse Mapping Explained
1. Covers information provided in the Version Tab.
2. Explains why Version Tab indicates blank verses and how BibleWorks uses Verse Mapping to display the same content of verses in the Browse Window when Bible versions have different verse numbers for some verses.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_14 -- Browse Tab
How to use the Browse Tab to view the larger context of verses displayed in the Browse Window and how to change the version it uses.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_15 -- The Vs1 & Vs2 Tab (Verse Tab)
1. How view the NET Bible, and extra cost modules ESV Study Bible and Metzger's Textual Commentary.
2. Viewing the Tischendorf and CNTTS Apparatus.
to use the Browse Tab to view the larger context of verses displayed in the Browse Window and how to change the version it uses.
3. Viewing the extra cost BHS, Vulgate Apparatus.
4. Click Expand to open the resources in the verse tab in a separate window.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_16 -- Stats Tab
1.. Demonstrates some of the options for the Stats tab which graphically represents the search results from the last successful search that was conducted..
2. Using the two column Analysis Window you set the Use Tab to Update the Stats Tab if open to then use the Use Tab and Stats Tab together.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_17 -- Forms Tab
How to use the Forms Tab to find ways a Greek or Hebrew word may be parsed.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_18 -- Mss Tab & Leningrad Tabs
1. The Mss (Manuscripts) Tab and the Leningrad (Codex) tab offer a way to display important manuscripts of the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament texts.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_19 -- Epub Tab
Explains how BibleWorks can load non-DRM ePub electronic books that you acquire from other sources or make yourself. DRM = Digital Rights Management, a copyright protection for electronic books.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_20 -- Cross Version Searching
1. Cross version searching allows you to search on more than one same language version at the same time.
2. Demonstrates the option for "Search and Display All Same Language Versions".
3. Demonstrates how to make the display versions BGM, PHM, OPM APM bgm, jom, phm opm apm and run a "Search All Display Versions" search.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_21 -- Related  Verses Tool and Phrase Matching Tool
Uses the search version and verse in the Browse Window to list other verses with similar vocabulary and content.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_22 - Semantic Domain Searching in Greek, Word List Manager, Verse List Manager
1. How to use the Command Line Insert Louw-Nida Domain code to search on a list of related Greek words, and options for semantic domain searching.
2. Comparing lists of words with the Word List Manager, how to save the word list and search all those words from the Command Line with the Command Line right click option Insert Word List File Name.
3. Comparing lists of verses with the Verse List Manager, how to save a verse list and remapping the list to another Bible version than the one it was made with.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop 2_23 -- Synopsis Window
1. Demonstrates use of Synopsis Window to view Gospel parallels to John 6:1.
2. Advancing verses and snchronizaton of Parallel Versions Window.
3. Bibliographic Information for the versions and resources in BibleWorks is available under Help.

BibleWorks 10 Workshop Final 2_24 -- Vocabulary Flashcard Module
1. Demonstrates options in the Vocabulary Flashcard Module, pronunciation of words, printing a review list.
2. Viewing Hebrew and Greek paradigms in the program.

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