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How Can I Find the BibleWorks Configuration Settings (BWn00.ini) File?
Author: R G Reference Number: AA-03053 Views: 294 Created: 2017-12-29 11:46 Last Updated: 2017-12-29 11:46 0 Rating/ Voters

An important diagnostic file often requested by BibleWorks Customer Support is the BibleWorks Configuration Settings file.  This file has the name "bwn00.ini", where n is the version of BibleWorks being used.  For BibleWorks 10, the name of the file is BW1000.ini.

To locate this file for copying and sending to BibleWorks Customer Support, use Windows Explorer, Windows File Explorer, or Mac Finder to navigate to the BibleWorks folder.  Usually this folder is c:\Program Files(x86)\BibleWorks n, where n is as above.

The Configuration Settings file may be openly listed in this folder as "bwn00.ini".  In Windows 10 it is shown only as one of three "bw1000" files, but placing one's cursor over the Configuration Settings "bw1000" file will show in a popup that it is the Configuration Settings file.

Last updated: RG/December 29, 2017