Is BibleWorks Available Online, Cloud-Resident or As a Download?


Until recently, the size of the BibleWorks program (now about 22GB, compressed) had mitigated against its being made available by download.  Now that more customers have greater-bandwidth connections, BibleWorks optionally offers a downloadable product.  Instructions for ordering appear here.

No matter what connection speed a user has, after the download
users will want to back up their installation files.  A 22GB backup poses significant requirements (DVD-Rs hold only 4GB per disc).

A thin-client (cloud) version of BibleWorks poses other challenges.  Experiments so far indicate such a version would incur unacceptable performance penalties.  In addition, protection of the copyrighted databases included in BibleWorks is more difficult in such a version.  Because of these two challenges, BibleWorks currently assesses the cost of maintaining a separate thin-client version so significant that it would drive the overall end-user cost of BibleWorks to unacceptable levels.  Should future technology advances permit a single version to be used cost-effectively in both thick- and thin-client modes, or should thin-client architecture in the future substantially supplant thick-client applications, BibleWorks will then offer a thin-client version.

Last Update: RG/July 11, 2017