How Soon Will BibleWorks Be Available in Languages Other Than English?


We appreciate that having BibleWorks dialogs, online help, and other resources in languages other than English will be of significant assistance to many customers.  One can change to currently-available interface languages using the procedure here.  Interfaces for other languages will be added as time and resources permit, but there is currently no schedule.

The translation of the interface is a first step. Translating the help and other resources is a larger task that, like any other translation, must be done word by word and phrase by phrase. We are continually looking at the cost of this enhancement and will include it when its cost can be justified. Contributing to this cost justification will be the existence of a significant customer base in that language and/or a significant market for the product in that language.

In the meantime, some tutorial material in other languages is available through the links provided in the FAQ on learning BibleWorks.

Last updated: RG/September 14, 2017