How Does One Solve BibleWorks Sometimes Not Installing When Using Parallels and Windows?


If you have Parallels and are trying to install from the Finder in your Mac OS you may receive a message that the autorun.exe [or setup.exe] is not a valid Win32 application. Parallels needs to receive a command to use the physical CD/DVD drive on your Mac for the installation of BibleWorks under Windows and Parallels.

BibleWorks can be enstalled by anabling your CD/DVD drive in Parallels. Insert the BibleWorks program disc into your CD/DVD drive then,

1. Open Parallels and in the lower right corner display the icons using the arrow button. Click on the icon that looks like a DVD disc.

2. Click on Real CD/DVD and click on the option that indicates the name of your DVD drive.

3. The BibleWorks installation screen will open, choose the option Install/Reconfigure.

4. If you have difficulty ejecting your discs when prompted to load another disc, to eject the disc:

In Windows XP you may go to Start | My Computer, then click on File and Eject

In Windows 7 or Vista you may go to Start | Computer, then hit the Alt key and choose File, then Eject.

If you find that the installation process cannot be completed at some point after clicking Install/Reconfigure, (you receive an error message or the installation does not complete to the end where you are prompted to restart the computer), please use these steps.

1. Display the Windows Desktop in Parallels by clicking the | | Parallels itme on the Apple main menu to exit Coherence. The Windows Desktop should now be visible.

2. Then use the following procedure for the version of Windows that you are using in Parallels:

a. For Windows XP use the procedure HERE.

b. For Windows Vista, 7 or 8 use the procedure HERE.


Last Updated: MC/March 21, 2013