Can I Remove Items from the Updater Without Installing Them?


The BibleWorks program is kept current by providing updated files, via Internet download, on a periodic basis. Some updates are considered more important than others (see Why Are Some Entries in the BibleWorks Updater in Bold Type?), some are considered optional. In some cases they simply will not be needed. If one is running Windows XP and has downloaded any of the Arabic, Chinese or Korean Bible versions, the files for Windows Vista will remain unselected.

As optional entries accumulate, they may tend to give the listbox a cluttered appearence. It is possible to remove unwanted items from the list so that it will be completely empty until the next time new updates are available. To remove these items, take the following steps:
1. Run the BibleWorks Updater (HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES or HELP > BIBLEWORKS ON THE INTERNET > CHECK FOR UPDATES for BibleWorks 9 and earlier)
2. When the list of updates is complete, scroll through the list and place a checkmark in any item(s) that is/are unwanted.
3. In the Updater window, click UPDATES on the menubar.
4. Click HIDE SELECTED UPDATES or DELETE SELECTED UPDATES (BW7 and earlier) or from the drop-down menu.
5. When prompted, click OK to confirm the action.
Note that this action works only for the specific issue of the specific file. That is, if a subsequent version of the same file is issued, it will appear in the Updater list as well, and can be removed with the same steps.

Finally. please be aware that if one attempts an update to an uninstalled resource, it will have no effect, so there is really no need to deselect updates for uninstalled resources.

Last Update - RG/September 11, 2017