How Do I Install Add-on Modules in BibleWorks 7 and Earlier Versions?


Installation of add-on modules consists of three basic steps, as follows:
1. Obtain the latest version of the BibleWorks executable
With BibleWorks running, access the BibleWorks updater, select the latest version of the BibleWorks executable, then apply the update.
2. Unlock the module
a. In the program, click FILE and choose UNLOCK DATABASES from the drop-down menu.
b. In the Unlock Databases dialog that open, select the module to be unlocked from the drop-down list.
c. Enter the unlock code that was sent via email. The module name (e.g. BDAG) is part of the code and must be entered.
d. Click the button labeled UNLOCK to execute the action.
e. If successful, a message box will pop-up offering congratulations.
f. Repeat the process for as many modules as are to be unlocked.
g. Close the Unlock Databases dialog box when finished.
3. Install the module files
For BibleWorks 7 Revision A01, the files for some add-on modules are downloaded to the computer over the Internet when the unlock code has been successfully entered.
Some of the modules are included on the Module Disk for Revision A01 and all of the modules are on the Module Disk for Revision A02. If the program does not connect to the Internet to download the files, then the files must be installed from the Module Disk that came with the Program Disk(s). Insert the Module Disk into the drive, then follow the prompts to install the files from this media.
Last Update: ELM/March 27, 2008