Why Doesn't BibleWorks Help Work for Me?


If you are running BibleWorks 6 or before under Windows Vista or later, the Help file will not work. This is because the format in which that Help file was created is no longer supported under the newer versions of Windows.

Microsoft, however, has provided solutions that will allow those earlier-version Help files to function. There is a file for each of the newer versions of Windows, from Windows Vista and forward.

That for Windows Vista may be found at the following address.

The file for Windows 7 may be found at the following address.

For Windows 8 use the following link.

And for Windows 8.1 use the following.

Each of the pages accessed by the links contains instructions for downloading and applying.  Visit the site for the version of Windows running on the computer, read the instructions for that particular file, then download and apply the file. It will be necessary to validate the copy of Windows currently running.

Last Update: ELM/May 14, 2014