Why Don't Greek & Hebrew Fonts Work for Me in Windows 7 or later versions?


Some who have installed BibleWorks 4 or 5 under Windows 7 or later versions have found the Greek and Hebrew texts do not display correctly, as they had when the program was running under an earlier version of Windows.

The solution suggested for this condition is to download and install the latest version of the fonts for each of the two languages. To do so, take the following steps. (If BibleWorks is running, close it first.)

First delete the existing copies BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew fonts on your computer.
1. Open the Windows Control Panel (Start > Control Panel.)
2. If necessary, change View by: from Category to Large icons
3. Find and double-click on FONTS to open it.
4. Find and delete the 5 font files that begin with the names Bwgrki; Bwgrkl; Bwhebb; Bwhebl; Bwtransh.
    (Note: There will be other BW... fonts present.  Do not delete them.)
To install fonts to Windows 7, take the following steps.
1. Visit www.bibleworks.com/fonts.html to download the file for the latest version of the fonts. Save the file to an easy to find location on the computer.
2. Close the Internet browser window and navigate to the place where the file had been downloaded. The downloaded file is a zipped file, so extract its contents to the same location where the zipped file is stored.
a. Right click on the downloaded bwfonts.zip file.
b. Choose Extract All.
c. Choose Extract.
    (The contents will be extracted to a folder in the same place where the zip file was placed.)

3. Open the folder to view its contents.
4. Select the fonts to be installed.
(To install more than one font at a time, click one to select it, then hold the CTRL key and click on other fonts to be installed. Release the CTRL key when finished selecting.)
5. Right-click on the selected object(s).
6. Choose INSTALL from the pop-up menu. (See illustration below)
7. Open the Fonts folder from Control Panel to confirm that the fonts have been installed.
8. Restart Windows.
9. Once back in Windows, open BibleWorks and then open each of the language texts to determine whether they display correctly.

Last edited: EM/23 Mar 2013