How Can I Run BibleWorks in Administrator Mode or Access BibleWorks Trouble-Shooting Options?


When BibleWorks does not function correctly, it is often helpful to open the BibleWorks Trouble-Shooting Options menu (also called the "Startup Configuration Window"). Ordinarily, one reaches this menu simply by holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard while double-clicking the BibleWorks icon.

Under Windows Vista and later, the process is a bit different. Double-clicking the program shortcut while holding the SHIFT key will produce the message displayed here, where the Trouble-Shooting Options menu is referred to as a Startup Configuration Window:

Once in Administrator Mode, you can access the Trouble-Shooting/Startup Configuration Window with the Shift-Double Click procedure above.

To run BibleWorks in Administrator Mode:

1. Click the program shortcut (either on the Windows desktop or the Start menu) with the right mouse button.
2. Click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR on the pop-up menu that displays. (The screen will darken.)
3. When the User Account Control box displays, indicating permission is needed to continue, click the button labeled CONTINUE (Vista) or YES (Window 7 and later) with your left mouse button.
To run BibleWorks always in Administrator Mode, right-click on the Desktop BibleWorks shortcut, choose "Properties", and tell Windows always to run BibleWorks in Administrator Mode. Alternatively, you can navigate to the  bwN00.exe program in the BW folder (where N is your version of BibleWorks), right-click, and change its "Properties" so that it always runs in Administrator Mode.

Last Update: RG/August 31, 2015