Why Do The Same Update Options Continue To Show In My List?


The BibleWorks program is maintained by means of updates to data files or the program executable itself.  For several versions, those updates have been available to the customer via download over the Internet.  A new feature to BibleWorks 8 is that, as it opens, it checks for the availability of new updates if an Internet connection is present.  As new updates are made available, they are applied (or deleted, if not wanted) and removed from the list of updates. 

Occasionally, however, some have noticed that updates that had been previously applied continue to show in the list.  This condition usually arises when a setting has been engaged for a feature that has a specialized use.  The ordinary setting for the feature in question is to be turned off, but if turned on, then updates that had been downloaded and applied will continue to display in the updater window.  To change this, take the following steps:

1. Open the BibleWorks Updater window.  (Help > BibleWorks on the Internet > Check for Updates)
2. In the Updater Window, click Options on the menu bar.
3. Check the item at the top.  If it is checked, as shown in the illustration, then move the mouse pointer to it and click.


4. The contents of the list should reduce considerably, if not completely clear.

Last Updated: ELM/Sept 13, 2010