How Can I Paste Text Into The Editor in Versions Before BibleWorks 7?


This information applies to BibleWorks 6 and previous.

In versions previous to BibleWorks 7, the editor does not support importing formatted text (RTF). You cannot paste RTF into the Editor from outside BibleWorks. You can paste in text copied from BibleWorks itself, and you can paste in raw text from the outside, but you can't paste in RTF. If you want to convert RTF to raw text, open NotePad and paste it in there. Then copy it and paste the raw text into the Editor.

This limitation occurs because the RTF edit control used for the Editor is not identical to the standard control used by other programs. (This function has been added in BibleWorks 7 and later versions. In those, the BibleWorks RTF has been modified to allow right-to-left Hebrew typing in the editor.)

You can export RTF from BibleWorks 6 and before into any other RTF editor (a word processor for example), but you cannot import RTF into these versions of BibleWorks.

Last Update: RG/June 17, 2009