Couldn't Open Patch File


There are times when an attempt to update is unsuccessful, resulting instead in the error Couldn't Open Patch File....  Updates are performed in BibleWorks based on a set of existing files called patch files.  There is a patch file for each resource in the program.  When one of those files is damaged or deleted, then the update action will not succeed.  When an error occurs, there are steps that can be taken to correct the problem so that updates may again occur.  Before proceeding, make sure that you are logged into Windows with an ID that has administrative privileges.  (An ID that shows as standard or limited will not be able to perform some of the needed tasks.)

1. Shut down BibleWorks.

2. Navigate to the c:\\Program Files\\BibleWorks x folder and delete the patches subfolder.

   (The path will, of course, differ if you have redirected the installation to another drive and/or folder.)

3. Run BibleWorks Setup as follows:

a. Insert the BibleWorks Program Disk in the computer.

b. Choose Install/Reconfigure in the window that opens.

c. Choose Repair from the options Modify Repair and Remove

d. Reboot the computer, as prompted.

4. Once back in Windows, start BibleWorks.

5. Go to Help > BibleWorks on the Internet > Check for updates.

6. Select and run only the BibleWorks Executable update.

7. Run the other updates for BibleWorks. With so many updates it may be best to run them in stages of smaller groups until you have fully updated BibleWorks.


Last Update: ELM/February 24, 2012