How Can I Copy Greek and Hebrew to Office Applications (Word, Excel, etc.)?


By default BibleWorks copies only raw text and Rich Text Format (RTF) text to the clipboard in most copy functions. It does this because the paste is more accurate into apps like Word which do accept and translate RTF text properly. If BibleWorks put both HTML and RTF text on the clipboard by default, Word would preferentially choose HTML to paste in, not ideal because BibleWorks uses RTF internally, making RTF on both ends the more accurate transfer.

However, BibleWorks does have a plugin that provides some HTML export function. If the plugin is turned on, during cut and paste all of text, RTF, and an RTF conversion to HTML are put on the clipboard.  It is then up to the target application to select what it wants. Some applications make the choice automatically; others provide a Paste Specialfunction which allows the user to choose.

To turn on this plugin, go to Tools| Options | Export Options | Enable HTML output to clipboard.  Note that this plugin, which accomplishes the RTF-to-HTML conversion, is third-party software, and consequently the conversion may not always work perfectly.

In general, copying HTML from BibleWorks to Microsoft Word does not work well for complex formatting, so RTF is recommended for such an export, and Word normally selects and pastes RTF even if the plugin is activated and certainly if it isn't.  Microsoft Excel, on the other hand, ignores RTF, so to paste to Excel it is necessary to activate the plugin before copying.

Last Update: MB/March 27, 2013