Why Am I Prompted For A Product Unlock Code?


When the BibleWorks program is started, there may be conditions in which one encounters a popup window that is asking for a 'Product Code'.  This is not the same thing as the serial number that was used to install the program to the computer.  Rather, it is actually an unlock code for an optional, add-on module.

The reason the prompt appears is because the files for that module were installed with the regular program files.  It is usually with the installation of BibleWorks 6 that this occurs because the window containing the add-ons appears during the Setup program, immediately after the window that contains the base installation components.  See the illustration below


(For BibleWorks 5 and BibleWorks 7, the modules are installed from a separate disk.  For BibleWorks 8 and later, the files are installed only when one enters the activation code, so the modules will eventually be unlocked anyway.)

For any items in this list that have been checked, a window will appear at program start prompting for an unlock code.  This will continue until a code has been provided or a setting is changed.


Note in the illustration above, near the bottom of the box, there is a checkbox labeled Do not display this dialog again.  If this is checked, then the prompt will no longer appear at startup, even if the module has not been unlocked.

Another place where the setting can be made is in the Options window.  To access that, take the following steps.
1. Open the Options window.  (Tools > Options)
2. When the Window opens, click the tab labeled Option Flags.
3. In the Option Flags tab, find Startup and expand that list.
    (The window should look similar to that shown below.)


4. Find the entry Check for Locked Databases on Startup.  Click the checkbox to remove the checkmark. 
Even when these settings have been made, one will be able to unlock the modules at a later time, if desired, when an unlock code has been secured for the given module(s).

Last Update: ELM/May 4, 2012