How Do I Change Text Size in a Resource Window Other Than Through Internet Explorer?


For many resources that open in a module window, though not all, the text size can be adjusted from within an Internet Explorer window:

This FAQ explains in more detail how to change the text size in BibleWorks resources by using Internet Explorer.

For some resources that appear in module windows, though, the change described above will have no impact.  A further option for changing resource text size has been provided in BibleWorks 9 and later versions:

In the illustration above, the Main Menu Options Window has been opened to the Fonts panel.  In the section circled in red is a button one can click to display a list of sizes.  These are the same size options one encounters in Internet Explorer.  At this time, the only module on which this setting will have impact is Exegetical Syntax of the Greek New Testament (a.k.a. Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics).  We have plans to expand this function to other modules as well.

BibleWorks 10, though, provides a significant set of additional scaling options, described in this FAQ.

Finally, users of Windows 7 and later can use Windows-supplied features to increase text sizes.  A description of these features is provided in this FAQ.

Last Edited: RG/June 15, 2015