Can I Use the Export Database Window to Export Greek or Hebrew Text in Unicode?


The Export Database feature under Tools | Importing/Exporting Information | Export Database offers a means to export large sections of text and to export a template of Bible verses to develop your own translation that can be compiled for BibleWorks.

However, there is no mechanism to export text in Unicode using the Export Database tool. The Export Database tool was added to support people who needed to recompile a Bible version with their own modifications. It thus exports data only in the formats required by the Version Database Compiler, (one line per verse with the verse reference first and non-Unicode text). The program has other mechanisms for exporting Unicode text.

To utilize the options for exporting larger sections of text in a Greek or Hebrew Unicode font we suggest using the Popup Copy Window. It can be opened by clicking on the Copy button under the Command Line in the Search Window, a button on the main tool/button bar or by using the key stroke combination of Ctrl - Shift - B.

In the Popup Copy Window choose the version you wish to copy and type in the verse range that you wish to export. Be sure to use chapter and verse to designate the full extent of the range you wish to use. For example, to export the whole of Genesis, type Gen 1:1-50:26. Formatting options for your export can be found by clicking on the Favorites button in the Popup Copy Window and choosing Configure Popup Copy Favorites ... Click the Copy button in the Popup Copy Window to export the verses.

last edited MC/RG -Feb. 9, 2015