How Can I Download BibleWorks 10 (Windows instructions)?


We've developed a download installation option for users with fast and stable internet connections (3Mbps or higher). This involves downloading a large (22 GB) file.  The steps below require a BibleWorks 10 ("BW10") activation code.

1. Go to the download page link. The download link is given in your email receipt containing the BW10 activation code (look below the BW10 activation code).

2. Follow the instructions on the download page (entering in your BW10 activation code) to download the image. This is a large file (22 GB) and will take several hours.  We recommend Windows users click "click here to try the Windows downloader" at the top of the download page and follow the instructions then displayed as "an easier way to download and install BibleWorks 10."  You will proceed to "Get the Downloader," "Run the Downloader," "Back Up Your Installation Files," and "Install the Program."  No further action is required.

The BibleWorks download is valid for two downloads in the 48 hours from its first use.  To enable subsequent installations, following the download please make a backup copy of the downloaded installer (ISO) file.  With a backed up ISO file from a previous download, you can and should skip to the "install BibleWorks" step below.  If the download's 48-hour period has expired and no usable backup ISO file is available, a replacement download may be ordered here.

3.  If step 2 is unsuccessful at any point, to download the ISO file containing BibleWorks you will need to use a download manager other than the one identified above.   Follow these steps:

Obtain a download manager:

            a. Go to this page, select a download manager, and download it. One free download manager that has worked well in the past is FlashGet.
            b. This will download a file to your Downloads folder. Open File Explorer and find the download manager file.
            c. Install and run the download manager installer.

Use the download manager to download the BibleWorks ISO installer:

            d.  Run your download manager.
            e.  Visit the BibleWorks download link you received by email and enter your activation code.
            f.  On that web page, get the URL address for where to download the ISO Installer file from our website.  It will appear in the web page below the text "If you are using a download manager".
            g.  Highlight and copy that URL to your download manager.
            h.. Download the BibleWorks ISO Installer using your download manager.

Install BibleWorks:

            i.  When the file is downloaded, follow the installation instructions here.

Last updated: RG/January 3, 2018