Why Aren't Some Word Processing Features included in the BibleWorks Editor?


BibleWorks contains a powerful editor that supports a wide range of formatting options. The BibleWorks editor is based on the Microsoft Rich Edit control and provides all the function of the Windows WordPad editor but with more features and tight integration with BibleWorks itself.

Periodically, customers submit requests to BibleWorks to include in its editor additional features from large and multifaceted commercial word processing suites such as Microsoft Word.  While BibleWorks will always consider such requests, it's neither feasible nor cost-effective for BibleWorks to attempt to duplicate in its own editor most of the features and capabilities of such products: doing so would not only greatly increase the cost of BibleWorks but also would divert BibleWorks from its own chief functions.  Customers needing these additional features should consider exporting the material they develop in the BibleWorks editor to these larger products and performing there the specialized editing they require.

Last updated: RG/May 30, 2017