Will Activation and Installation of BibleWorks Versions Before Version 10 Be Possible After June 15, 2018?


At the end of June, 2018 program and database updates will no longer be available online, except for the BibleWorks 10 maintenance updates. If the following instructions are followed before the end of June, BibleWorks versions prior to version 10 will be able to be activated and installed after June 15, 2018:

1. (For BibleWorks 8 and 9)  Ensure you have your BibleWorks 8 or 9 activation code/s in a safe place:

2. Apply all updates for BibleWorks and back up your BibleWorks folder (typically c:\Program Files\BibleWorks N or c:\Program Files(x86)\BibleWorks N, where N is the version number of your BibleWorks version) now using whatever backup program you prefer.

3.  When you later need to reinstall BibleWorks, use your original installation media and its original instructions.  They are reproduced here and in the BibleWorks FAQ Knowledge Base for your convenience.

4.  Activate your BibleWorks program when requested, using your activation code.

5.  Restore your BibleWorks folder using the program you used to back it up in step 2.


BibleWorks 10 users: please check the BibleWorks web site in July for information on how to download and reinstall from a new BibleWorks .iso file.  That will be the final version of that file, with all updates and enhancements for BibleWorks 10 included.

Last updated: RG/June 6, 2018